• Win7codecs 2.3.8 | FINAL

    Win7codecs 2.3.8 Final | 23 Mb

    Created by the author of the package Vista Codec Package. The installer will automatically remove the encrypted version of the package / decoding different from your computer before installing the package complete eyebrow. You will not need to make any changes or tweak that can enjoy the multimedia content instantly. Windows Media Player 7 and Windows Media Center will immediately identify all files to be played.

    Application packages are not accompanied by a movie viewer / listening to music and not automatically link the file format.

    Package used in your application you can use any the movies / music player does, limited only by the features of them only, to view all movies and music formats. Supported formats transmitted on all popular web browsers. Users of encryption / decryption Win7 likely choice of components and installation location through a public file distribution. After installation you can choose to remove certain components without having to remove the entire application package. You can also install the components were removed at any time.

    The encoder / decoders is always a problem for most users at this time or another.

    That's because no one solution that works directly to the average computer user can install and get everything stable operation from the beginning. Recently appeared many solutions package encryption / decryption on the market, but do not have a solution that meets the full as I want. I also always need to do some tweaking, changing or even re-install just to make the encoding / decoding do I need / want and most times that file has not bear the standard . I never received a multimedia specialist. My experience in this field before creating packages decode / encode just double click the mouse on a file download and hope it will run. Therefore with the help of the MSFN community, I decided to pack all the encryption / decryption minimum required by most computer users and share with everyone.



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