• Hour of Victory PROPER

    Formed in North Africa during the fight there, a team
    composed of a US Army Ranger, an operative from the Office
    of Special Services and a British Commando is assigned to
    track down the assets and key players in the German
    nuclear weapons program..

    The trail leads from the deserts of North Africa, where
    the supplies and extent of the plans are discovered; to a
    wintry Alpine redoubt where they thwart German plans to
    place a weamon atop a V2 rockets; and finally to Berlin,
    to jeep the Nazis from detonating their nuclear reactor
    and keep the technology out of the hands of the
    encroaching Red Army.

    Even a donkey does not bump himself twice against the same

    The RLD crack still uses the SecuROM protection. Instead
    of rebuilding the game code, they add the VM at the end of
    the executable. This cheap method results into decreased
    performance. As stated before by other groups, protections
    should be removed entirely. We bring you a complete game
    code rebuilt crack. We logged a SecuROM entry of both RLD
    and VTY cracks. Look below, you will see about what we are

    Quotes from Sonic.Heroes.PROPER-RELOADED
    " Whoops, too difficult to crack? Too bad boys, leave the
    real cracking to the pros. If people want uncracked and
    emulated games they can download clonecd's. So there you
    have it, accept no cheap substitues. "

    We are the reaction to your actions. So don't act like a
    pussy by trying to sceneban us because you cannot beat us.

    ~ Unpack
    ~ Burn or mount
    ~ Install
    ~ Copy the crack from the ViTALiTY folder
    ~ Rot in heaven




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