• Guitar Hero: World Tour 2009 (PC)

    Guitar Hero: World Tour - What life is like rock stars? Meetings with the most extraordinary personalities, epatazhnye tricks, endless rehearsals, roaring crowd of fans - all this reminds a bit crazy colored dream! And the dream team, because on top of musical Olympus did not climb without the help of trusted colleagues. Guitar Hero: World Tour for the first time in history, a series gives you the opportunity to play along with his friends. Gather fun company at home and prove that the rock - alive!

    Guitar Hero: World Tour - Microphone, improved guitar and even a kind of shock installation - enough tools at all. In the performance of the new, much more complex compositions assistance of friends can be very useful! Music Van Halen, Linkin Park, Sublime and the dozens of other religious groups not to submit single. Create your own ?rock band? with unique characters, compose music for all time and become an idol to millions. With Guitar Hero: World Tour may all!

    # More music! In Guitar Hero are the best team and the performers whose names do not go to the TV screens and newspaper pages. 30 Seconds to Mars, Van Halen, Linkin Park, The Eagles, Sublime, Blink-182, Ozzy Osbourne, and dozens of other cult rock musicians are waiting for you.
    # Dress rock star. Do you have a unique opportunity skolotit his own musical ?gang?. Dozens of settings and costumes allow you to re-establish themselves and their friends in the game. You are free to choose a logo for the group and even the cover for the cult album.
    # Collective creativity. Now speak to the enthusiastic crowd can not only you but your friends! One will perform solo on the guitar, get another vocalist role, the third hit of the drums - will not be bored!
    # Reliable arsenal. At your disposal there is everything necessary: a microphone, guitar and percussion unit, which is easy to assemble and connect. Convenience and greatly improved tools reveal your potential in all one hundred!
    # Team battle! By the usual ?fight? one to one to add a new breathtaking view. It just two rock group fighting for the right to be called the best. To show their talent are able to eight people.



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