• City Skyline Brushes

    A set of high-resolution Photoshop brushes of city skyline of major cities worldwide such as Manhattan, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, Seattle, Toronto, Sydney, Beijing, Dubai, Russia, Hong Kong, and a lot more. Each of the city skyline Photoshop brushes are properly labeled (except for two city skyline Photoshop brushes which I also failed to identify. I would greatly appreciate it though if you could identify them for me.) so you will know which city skyline brush refers to a particular city skyline. This is useful if you are looking for a particular city skyline for your project. 14 City Skyline Photoshop Brushes | ZIP | 15.4 MB


    The use of city skyline as Photoshop brushes has been very popular in recent years. Since we expect to see a continuing trend towards the use of silhouettes in designs, expect also to see more silhouette brushes of people, animals and things from this site. This time we are happy to present a set of city skyline Photoshop brushes that you can use to create funky designs. There are city skyline silhouettes with swirls and floral designs and also buildings with grunge backgrounds. Just download the entire set of this city skyline Photoshop brushes to appreciate.

    The size of the Photoshop brushes in this set is around 2500 pixels and are useful for creating high-resolution designs. Like any of our Photoshop brushes here at Photoshop Free Brushes, these city skyline Photoshop brushes are also free to use for your noncommercial designs.

    This set of city skyline Photoshop brushes was created in Photoshop CS2. Thus, these should be compatible with any CS versions of Photoshop. The resolution of each Photoshop brush range from 200o pixels to 2500 pixels.
    Funky City Skyline Photoshop Brushes | ZIP | 9.4 MB


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