• AutoRun Typhoon Pro 4.3.0

    The bottom line is that you need the best possible tool, which produces the best possible results at the best possible price. AutoRun Typhoon delivers on all accounts. Not only do you have the most powerful on the market, but AutoRun Typhoon's drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to produce amazing presentations in no time at all. There is simply no easier way to enhance your CD/DVDs.

    ? amazing with AutoRun Typhoon. Open documents and web pages, play videos, and slide shows, anything you can think of! When you're done AutoRun Typhoon will burn your to CD/DVD for you. No programming or special skills are required to use AutoRun Typhoon. All you need is an idea and a mouse!
    ? AutoRun Typhoon comes with 180 button styles, 110 stock background images and dozens of Menu templates, help you create your projects quickly and easily. You can also create your own templtes and button styles with the click of a mouse.
    ? Each of the 12 Menu in AutoRun Typhoon has it's own Settings window. Simply double-click on an object and the Settings window will pop up, allowing you to edit your object and see the changes in real-time.
    ? With AutoRun Typhoon you have full control, even when just opening a web page! Adjust the properties of each Action easily. Click on the Help icons for tips and information, they're located everywhere!
    ? If your project contains sensitive material AutoRun Typhoon will protect it. You can choose to protect any Action in your project and the files will be hidden on the CD in an encrypted archive. You can also ask the user to pass authorization before your project is begun and your protected files are extracted.
    ? When you are ready to finish your project AutoRun Typhoon will burn it to CD/DVD for you! No need to worry about which files to burn, or complicated settings, AutoRun Typhoon takes care of all of this for you. You also have the choice of compressing your project into a single self-extracting EXE file.

    What's New in AutoRun Typhoon 4.0:
    * AutoRun Typhoon will now Burn your projects to CD/DVD!
    * New user interface
    * Floating Help windows with adjustable font size
    * Load v3.x.x projects
    * Check for new updates option in Menubar
    * XP and Vista style windows and controls
    * Resize the program window

    Music Player
    * Control background image placement
    * Place Music Player objects on Menus

    Menu Changes
    * Design WYSIWYG Menus
    * New Menu Editor
    * New Actions to alter menu objects (eg, change TextBox text when a Button is clicked)
    * More Button Styles - now 180 styles to chose from
    * More content - over 110 Backgrounds and Images included

    Background Object
    * Gradient backgrounds
    * Create custom patterns for your menu background

    Button Object
    * New Gradient XP button style
    * Button Text wraps to a new line
    * Add up to 10 Actions to be performed when the button is clicked
    * Creating new Buttons Styles easier than ever

    Text Box Object
    * Gradient background style
    * Image background style
    * Transparent background style
    * Change default text font
    * Change default text color
    * Change text size
    * Windows XP border style
    * Center multiple lines of text

    DropDown Box Object - New
    * Add a dropdown box to your menu
    * Each entry can perform up to 10 Actions when selected
    * Change the font and text color
    * Compact way to add many Actions to your project

    List Box Object - New
    * Add a list box to your menu
    * Each entry can perform up to 10 Actions when selected
    * Change the font and text color

    New Menu Objects based on Actions
    * New Menu Actions to control the following (such as Play, Stop, Next, etc):
    * Flash Animations
    * Internet Explorer web browser
    * Play Music tracks
    * Play SlideShows of images
    * Play Videos

    Volume Object - New
    * Add a volume slider to your menu
    * Control the master volume for your project

    Changes in Version 4.3.0:
    - Compatible with Windows7
    - Works with 64-bit Operating Systems
    - Set custom colors for the ListBox object
    - Set custom colors for the DropDownBox object
    - Grid Settings (Show, Size, Color, Snap Objects to Grid) added when creating Menus


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