• Ashampoo Home Designer 1.0.0

    Ashampoo Home Designer is a professional-quality 3D home planning tool for everyone. It lets you experiment as much as you like with what fits and how it looks before spending a single cent on materials or services. The ability to look at the planned rooms outside and inside from every perspective helps to avoid expensive mistakes - it's like being there, and it's completely different from looking at pencil sketches on graph paper. Finding out what doesn't work and what looks good doesn't cost anything and you can try out as many different ideas as you want for as long as you want. Using Ashampoo Home Designer couldn't be easier - it's about as technical as putting furniture in a dolls' house and moving it around. You just choose the dimensions of the room you're designing and then drag the objects you want to use into place. For example, in a bathroom you'd set the dimensions of the room, and then add the doors, windows, bathtub, sink, fittings and so.
    You can even insert 3D people in the rooms to provide a better context impression.

    Change everything, move everything, rotate everything and view your planned room just by clicking and dragging. Materials are just as easy: If you want a granite floor in your new bathroom you just select the granite type you like and drag it onto the floor. That's it. Grey granite doesn't look so good? Change it to red tiles with a single click and drag.

    Change your perspective to look at the new room from the inside, from the outside, from above or even from below - enhanced with professional quality lighting and raytracing for a really realistic 3D rendition of your planned rooms. Rotate and tilt the entire room with the mouse, change the perspective and zoom with a couple of clicks to look at everything from every possible angle.

    Measurements and dimensions are important and they're just as simple: You just activate the measurement tool and drag from point to point in the scale 3D image to get the actual dimensions you need for your plans.
    You can also import your own photographs and insert them as backgrounds to get a better idea of what your new home design will look like in reality.

    Ashampoo Home Designer's 3D file format is fully compatible with the professional products of the Ashampoo 3D CAD series. This means you can export plans from Home Designer to 3D CAD, and you can also import objects created with any of the four 3D CAD products to Home Designer and add them to the objects database for use in your projects.

    Once you've got everything set up you'll want to turn your plans into reality, and Ashampoo Home Designer helps you here too with many powerful features. You can generate lists of all the objects, furnishings, fittings and materials you're going to need and output them as PDF, RTF, XML, HTML or Excel files to help you with shopping and calculating the costs for your plans.

    You can generate a set of bitmap images of your plans with several different views at the same time, including the ground plan. In addition to providing an invaluable reference for you these lists and images are also essential when you are hiring service providers to do work for you.

    Finally, if you get so good at using Ashampoo Home Designer that you decide you want to start offering your own services as an interior designer, the program includes a customer database with which you can manage your clients and generate offers and quotations


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