• Portable RightClicker Pro 1.33

    Moo0 RightClicker Pro is a set of enhancements on the context menu (right click menu) of Windows Explorer. It adds many useful functonalities like duplicating current explorer window, open/move to/copy to bookmarked folders, hiding default context menus, and so forth.

    Please install this software and experience the possibilities that it can bring to you. Although you may need some time to get accustomed to it first, you will probably find your life far easier with these extra enhancements.
    - Please create your own optimized right click menu by hiding unwanted menus, rearranging the order of menus, packing similar menus into newly created menu tree folder, changing each menu icon to your own, and so on through the customizer.
    - You can always Un-Hide default right click menus like "Send To" from "Customize.." > "UnHide" > ..
    - You can show all the munus available by Right-Clicking with Shift-Key.
    - It takes time to get used to a new set of menus. Please try it a while.

    [ Manual / Specification ]

    Update (Oct 1st):
    - Added Brazilian Portuguese Language Support.
    - The minimum / maximum menu cell width became customizable from "Main Window -> Customize -> Menu Look -> Size".
    - It reduces the possible conflicts with other software more. If it still affects some other menus, please read the FAQ section of this page.
    - Improved Installer.


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