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    Zoom Player is a robust media and DVD front-end player. It was designed to be simple at first glance while being remarkably dynamic andflexible when used to its full potential. It works in two modes: a Media mode which can play any file supported by DirectShow (any filewhich plays in MediaPlayer) and a DVD mode which uses pre-installed DirectShow DVD filters to play DVD content. It supersedes media playerin all it's functions and provides several important functions that media player lacks. It provides special zooming functions to improveTV-output quality by eliminating overscan. This Pro version includesDVD Front-End Capabilities and requires registration.

    Zoom Player is capable of playing all common media formats and quite a few of the not so common, including:
    AVI, Matroska (MKV), QuickTime (MOV),
    Cellphone 3GPP (3GP), Flash(SWF),
    RealMedia (RA/RM/RMVB/RAM), Windows Media Format (ASF/WMV/WMAincluding DRM with WMV Professional version),
    VP3-VP6, MPEGLayer 3 (MP3), Vorbis Audio (OGG), Dolby Digital (AC3), Advanced AudioCoding (AAC), MusePack Audio (MPC),
    FLAC Audio (FLAC), OptimFROG Audio,Monkey Audio (APE), Wave Audio (WAV), CD-Audio.

    Zoom Player WMV Professional allows you to play Windows Media VideoDigital Rights Management files (Copy protected WMV files).

    News Headlines:

    * Announcing Zoom Player v5 final!
    * Zoom Player v5 will be appearing at CES 2007 in Las Vegas
    * Win a free copy of Zoom Player WMV Professional!
    * Updated versions of CoreVorbis and AC3 Filter released.
    * 50 FREE eMusic downloads with purchase of Zoom Player Mobile.
    * AC3 Filter v1.09a released.
    * Updated AC3 (Dolby Digital) playback information.
    * Updated MPEG-2, Quicktime & MP4 playback information.
    * Updated Media Library Graphics, give some feedback!
    * New Decoders/Filters Available (MPEG2/MP4/AVI/Matroska).
    * Flash Video playback information has been added to the Decoders section.
    * Feature article on remembering last position with Media files.
    * New Guide: Displaying Subtitles with Zoom Player.
    * Softpedia Announces Zoom Player is "Zoomtastic".
    * Announcing Zoom Player v4.51 Final.
    * Skin Site Goes LIVE!

    Code:Changes in Zoom Player 6.00 Final:
    You can now specify additional paths for the File Browser (Adv. Options /
    Interface / On Screen Display / Fullscreen Navigation).
    New paths appear as drives. You can add network shares (for example
    "//USER/Video/" and even local paths such as "C:\Media" creating instant
    shortcuts to important directories on your system.

    * The Chapter editing interface has been modified with a chapter name history
    drop-down list and instead of a dialog opening up when adding a chapter,
    now you can just type in the chapter name (or pick from the drop-down
    history list) and press enter or click the add chapter button, making it
    easier to add chapters.

    * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface) allowing you to lock filter/decoder
    configuration (property) pages to the main user interface (otherwise they
    appear as a floating window).

    * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / On Screen Display /
    Fullscreen Navigation / Settings) allowing you to select if Cut,
    Copy & Paste operations allow you to overwrite files.

    * New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / On Screen Display /
    Fullscreen Navigation) allowing you to specify the minimum number of
    characters that appear when using Quick Search.

    * New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Video & Subtitles) allowing you to
    enable/disable Closed Captions support for media files.

    * New Button (Adv. Options / Playback) allowing you to reset the
    Remember Last Position cache (and play history, which are the same thing).

    * New "/SP:[n]" command line parameter allowing you to turn Smart Play ON/OFF.
    To turn Smart Play off use "/SP:0" to turn it on use "/SP:1".

    * New "" skin script dynamic variable that returns the current
    playing index.

    * New "" skin script dynamic variable that returns the current
    playlist item count without adding the "file(s)" text to the returned value.

    * New DVD profiles for the Convolver filter:

    * The Main fullscreen navigational interface is now accessible directly through
    the right-click context menu.

    * Support for the ".WAX" ,".WVX", ".WMX" playlist file extensions.

    + Opening "mms://" addresses should now work a little better.

    + When using the File Browsing and Media Library navigation interfaces, the
    Copy & Paste functions will now show an OSD message while moving files and
    a success/fail OSD message when the file operation completes.

    + When opening the player with secondary windows open (playlist editor,
    equalizer, etc...) the keyboard focus did not remain on the main window.

    + Real-Time Frame rate reporting on the information dialog should now work
    with Custom Video Renderers as long as they support the IQualProp interface.

    + The "Add Chapter" function's keyboard macro has been changed from "C" to

    - Fixed List Index out of Bounds error when playing archived files.

    - Switching between skin modes in the skin selection dialog would not update
    the available skin lists properly between modes.

    - Using the play next file in the same directory should no longer flash
    the media background images between files. This fix also makes the
    images load faster.

    - The Screen Orbiting feature did not accept values properly.

    - Setting a Playlist Font/Color override would return to the skin values
    when switching skin modes.

    - Disabling Skinning of the OSD Action pop-up and setting it to transparent
    didn't work properly.

    - The Skip to the next file in the playlist when an unplayable file is
    encountered function no longer skips to the next file if the entire
    playlist is unplayable. This fix prevents the playlist from looping
    in error messages forever.

    - Improved Network path support for paths starting with "//".

    - Cosmetic glitch fixed in the advanced playlist control (buttons could

    - Cosmetic glitch when drawing translucent scrollbar/path graphics within
    the fullscreen navigation interfaces that caused the scrollbar and path
    graphics to become less and less transparent over time.

    - More cases of unsupported hardware color control are now detected by the
    color control navigational interface.

    - Disabling the "'Del' key moves media files to the recycle bin (with
    confirmation)" setting would erroneously disable the erase function from
    working in the media library and file browsing navigation interfaces.

    - Trying to play Audio-CDs through the file browsing navigation interface
    would not play the file.

    - EVR with Smart Play disabled should now work on Windows XP (with .NET v3
    or newer installed).

    - Various "Invalid Floating Pointer operation" EVR errors have been fixed.

    - Opening the skin selection dialog with a navigation interface visible
    would not show the correct tint values (it showed the skin's tint
    values rather than the navigation tint values).

    - When the player was set to "Stay On Top", some options dialog sub-menus
    would appear beneath the options dialog, making them inaccessible.

    - When the player window would lose focus, the control bar
    stopped auto-hiding.

    - The internal image decoder can now load images from network paths.

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