• Warriors Orochi

    Without the prevention Snake Tsar Orochi has begun intrusion. Using the huge force, allowing to break space and time, ????? has stolen the strongest and brave soldiers of Ancient China and Feudal Japan to check up their skills in battle with the best soldiers. Any of armies could not resist to authority Orochi. On the ground remains ever less than heroes who continued to resist to Snake Tsar.
    Warriors Orochi represents 77 ??????????? characters from Universes Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors and 4 various subject lines. New fighting systems Team Battle System, and also Weapon Fusion which will allow to unite unique opportunities of different kinds of the weapon in one attack. For the first time you can create the command of heroes from three various characters - while one fighter will battle, other members of a command can correct for health.

    The information:
    Type of the edition: the license
    Language of the interface: only English
    The Tablet: Is present

    Full Game (English only)
    Ripped - Nothing!
    Original - 3,28 GB

    1) extract .7z archive (use latest "Winrar" v3.7x or "7-zip")
    2) run setup.bat

    System requirements:
    * Operational system: ******oft Windows XP / Vista
    * the Processor: Pentium 2.6 Ghz or similar Athlon
    * Operative memory: 512Mb
    * the Videocard: DirectX 9.0c compatible, with 128Mb memories


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