• Obstetrics - Normal & Problem Pregnancies

    Pocket Companion to Accompany Obstetrics: Normal and Problem Pregnancies (Paperback)
    I'm a certified-nurse midwife and I love this book. It's pretty much everything that's in the medical text, Obstetrics: Normal and Problem Pregnancies, minus the research data.
    It's small and portable and actually a pleasure to read.
    I hope there's an updated version coming out soon - this one was published in 2002.
    The easier-to-read "Bible" of Obstetrics
    There are two texts that are considered the most authoritative on the subject of Obstetrics. Williams is edited by the staff at Parkland, the largest Obstetric hospital in the U.S. and not surprisingly, they consider their text to be "the premier source for the specialty". Williams is also academically dry.
    Gabbe, by comparison, is easier to read and covers essentially the same material. This text is written in a way that that I feel you don't have to be an OB Geek to follow the various points. This is NOT to say that Gabbe is "OB for Dummies" or a cliff-notes version of an OB text: As Department Head of OB/GYN at a Major Hospital, I find Gabbe both authoritative and complete.
    Cutting to the chase: Gabbe is easier to read than Williams, and if you need info more in-depth, you should


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