• Raxco Perfect Disk 10

    PerfectDisk is a Windows defragmentation utility published by Raxco Software. It has won several from computer magazines, and is certified by ******oft for all its NTFS-based operating systems. The current version is PerfectDisk 10.PerfectDisk has editions designed for most user categories, from home PCs to large servers. In addition to defragmenting files, it also optimizes disk drives with an optimization called SMARTPlacement. It defragments data and system files and places a high priority on free space consolidation.PerfectDisk attempts to defragment drives in a single pass of a drive, as opposed to a common approach of running continuously and gradually defragmenting the file system.PerfectDisk has the capability of a scheduled defrag managed by an internal task scheduler. It also offers the option to defrag during screen saver activity, or when the PC is idle.In 2007 it was the first utility to defragmentation of terabyte-sized drives. Enterprise include integration with Active Directory, enterprise-wide defrag management and reporting. More the product has added support for defragmentation of virtual environment files and images.The Boot-time defrag facility is capable of defragmenting Windows metadata, Master File Table, hibernation file and page file. It was the first utility to offer Free Space defragmentation, and the SMARTPlacement algorithm places older (program) files near start of the drive, and newer (data) files near the end of the drive, closer to free space in order to minimise refragmentation. This optimization strategy aims to organize files by usage, resulting in a slower rate of refragmentation and also fewer resources being consumed.


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