• Jewel Quest Solitaire III (2009)

    Description: Africa - 1944. Join Professor Pack on the ultimate jewel matching adventure across the world’s richest continent. Rearrange precious relics to turn tiles into gold as you advance through relentlessly challenging puzzles. The wilds of the safari, the history of the Zimbabwe ruins, and the majesty of Victoria Falls await your discovery, filled with puzzles of skill, treasure, and twists.

    Rupert and Emma are on the verge of realizing their dream to settle down and open a museum. But everything changes when Rupert and Emma’s friend, Ratu, discovers a valuable tablet in the ruins of an ancient civilization.

    Little does he know that this find is just the beginning. When his beloved assistant Yumi is abducted, Ratu is propelled into a treacherous game of cat-and-mouse with a gang of dangerous thugs. Travel with Ratu in this Jewel Quest Solitaire sequel, and experience compelling Solitaire layouts and addictive new Jewel Quest boards.

    Jewel Quest Solitaire 3 Full Version Game Features

    * 100 Levels of Solitaire and Match-3 Gameplay

    * 2 Game Modes: Full Quest and Just Cards

    * 8 Unique Power-Ups to Use

    * Compelling Storyline with an Intriguing Mystery

    * Unlimited Play



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