• Crisis Management in Anaesthesia

    An emergency procedures guide that will provide the anaesthetist with a theoretical basis for handling even the most unexpected complications. The chapters are divided into 2 sections. Section 1: basic principles of crisis management in anesthesiologySection 2: catalog of critical events in anesthesiology.Section 2 is a systematic compilation of emergency procedures for the kinds of crisis which are often encountered in clinical practice and comprises of over 75% of the book. This section details the aetiology, typical situations, methods for prevention, manifestations, similar events and even complications to watch out for when dealing with a major crisis. Presented as a hierarchical list of what to check for or to do, the catalogue is designed toimprove recognition and response to crisis situationsSECTION I BASIC PRINCIPLES of CRISIS MANAGEMENT in ANESTHESIOLOGY: The Story of Dynamic Decision Making and Crisis Management in Anesthesiology. Principles of Anesthesia Crisis Resource ManagementSECTION II CATALOG of CRITICAL EVENTS in ANESTHESIOLOGY:Generic Events. Cardiovascular Events. Pulmonary Events. Metabolic Events. Neurologic Events. Eequipment Events. Cardiac Anesthesia Events. Obstetric Events. Pediatric Events Index Anaesthetists in practice and training.


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