• making 50-100$ using PPI and torrents with just a few hours a day.

    Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!ok ive looked around the forum a bit and haven't seen an actually guide about doing this and have seen some threads asking how to do this so i figured i would make my first really good contribution to the forum and make a small guide on how to exactly rake in some extra dough doing this.first you are going to want to sign up and get approved at a good PPI (pay per install) program i personally use Luxecash but there are many more.
    before you start you have to have egold account you can get one here
    one you are all set with your program download they're .exe file, now lets get down to business.
    1.) Researchthe first and most important part is to go to torrent sites and find the best torrent's for that day meaning the ones that were downloaded the most. you are going to want to stick with smaller sized ones so it doesn't take ages to combine the .exe's later on.the best places to find out which software's where the best for the day are...
    once you have found a nice list of these download them all using torrent software i use "utorrent", as you go make sure you copy down the descriptions so you can paste them when you re-upload them (the torrents) later.
    2.) combining the filesnow we need to combine the original software .exe with your PPI companies .exe to do this i am going to use a program on all windows computers.
    this program is "iexpress" to open this program go to start>run and type in "iexpress" and hit enter.once in that follow these instruction...leave "create new self extraction directive file" checked and hit next.hit next againnow just type in a random letter it really doesn't matter which letter, you just need to put one in, after you do that hit NEXT.hit next with "no prompt" checked.hit next againnow here is where we add our 2 .exe's together, click add and browse to the original software .exe and hit add. once that is added hit add again and browse to the PPI companies .exe you downloaded earlier and add that and hit hit the down arrow next to "install program" and select the .exe you added from your PPI company.for "post install command" select the original .exe from the software you downloaded from the torrent site, hit next.check the "hidden" option and hit next.leave "no message" checked and hit for this next part copy and paste the software name in the box and check the "hide file extracting progress animation from user" box , hit next.check the "no restart" box, hit next.check the "dont save" box, hit next.hit next one more time and your done it will combine the .exe's (this whole process will come much easier after a few times of doing it) once it is done find the combined .exe and replace it with the softwares the above combing process with all the software you downloaded earlier once you have completed this it is time to move on to the next step.
    3.) Reuploadingnow we are going to recreate and upload the torrents.first go into utorrent go to file>create torrent, once in that click add directory and browse to the software add the torrent trackers i use the following for mininova and piratebay.PHP Code:
    "start seeding" and last click "create and save as" save the torrent to your desktop or where ever you want to.repeat the above step for all the other software you have combined the software .exe with your ppi .exe.once you have all the .torrent files created, go back on to and and re-upload all the files to both using the descriptions you took down earlier ( note you may want to use a proxy as they ban for this kind of thing.)just do this once a day and you should have a pretty good stream around 50-100$ a day rolling in depending how many torrents you re-upload and how much time and effort you put into this.enjoy,
    and i hope this helps whoever didn't know how to do this before.


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