• 34 Great Flash CS3 Components

    Flash components extend the functionality of Macromedia / Adobe Flash by providing an easy way to enhance your Flash websites with stunning Flash effects, menus and full navigational systems - requiring little or no Flash ActionScript knowledge. These Flash components or Flash extensions are installed in the Adobe or Macromedia Flash authoring environment (IDE).To use these products you need to have Flash MX, Flash MX 2004, Flash 8 or Flash CS3 - please check each product for their specific requirements. All products are cross platform, meaning that they will work the same on Mac and Windows.Here 34 List Flash CS3 Components :User Interface Components:1. Thumbnail Slider V12. Thumbnail List V13. Loader Pro V34. JC Text Editor5. Color Picker Pro V36. XML Slide Show V37. Advanced_MP3_Player_V18. Flv_Video_Player_Pro_V19. ToolTip_2007_Pro_V110.Easy_ToolTip_Component_V111.Accordion Tree Menu Pro V112.Accordion Menu Pro V1Flash Menu Components13.Accordion_Menu_V314.Drop_Down_Menu_V315.ScrollBar_Pro_V116.Text_Menu_Bar_V117.Context_Menu_Pro_V118.AMThemeOrangeU2Skins And Pattern :19.Vista_Black_CS3_UI_Skin20.Vista Blue CS3 UI Skin21.Mac_CS3_UI_SkinTransition Effects Components22.Bonus_TxEff_Full_License23.MovieClip_Transition_Effects_V3see at : Collection Plus Components :24.3DCube25.Pixielate26.RipleAlpha27.Square Pack28.Square Light29.Swap30.Switch31.Unpack32.Waterdrops33.Zoom34.
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