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    The iPod has been around since 2001, and already there have been multiple generations of products leveraging the power of all kinds of different (and sometimes competing) technologies. I know lots of Netmasterz members own an iPod or nano, so you might as well get this manual to show lots of ways to hack your nano and pimp out your iPod. Today’s iPod might work more or less the same as the classic original did, but what makes each individual generation of iPod work is surprisingly different when you get down to it. As with anything high-tech, the closer you look, the more complicated it gets. Before you can attempt to fix your iPod, you need to know exactly what you’re fixing. The parts and even the techniques that you use often change depending upon the model. Hence, the purpose of this introductory chapter. We’ll get you up to speed on what vintage iPod you’re packing. You don’t need a serial number, and you don’t need an instruction manual. All you need is your good sense and the words and pictures herein. We discuss storage capacity, production dates, component compatibility, and other identifying features. We also touch on some of the little quirks and details that make iPod ownership less like class consciousness and more like enlightenment.
    QuickSteps books are recipe books for computer users. They answer the question “How do I…?” by providing a quick set of steps to accomplish the most common tasks with a particular program. The sets of steps are the central focus of the book. Sidebar QuickSteps provide information on how to do quickly many small functions or tasks that are in support of the primary functions. Sidebar QuickFacts supply information that you need to know about a subject. Notes, Tips, and Cautions augment the steps, but they are presented in a separate column to not interrupt the flow. Brief introductions are present, but there is minimal narrative otherwise. Many illustrations and figures, a number with callouts, are also included where they support the steps. QuickSteps books are organized by function and the tasks needed to perform those functions. Each function is a chapter. Each task, or “How To,” contains the steps needed for its accomplishment along with the relevant Notes, Tips, Cautions, and screenshots. Tasks are easy to find through:
    • The Table of Contents, which lists the functional areas (chapters) and tasks in the order they are presented• A How To list of tasks on the opening page of each chapter• The index, which provides an alphabetical list of the terms that are used to describe the functions and tasks• Color-coded tabs for each chapter or functional area with an index to the tabs in the Contents at a Glance


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