• iMonitorPC Professional v2.5.5

    iMonitorPC Professional v2.5.5 9 MbMillions of dollars are lost every year to reduced productivity, and the numbers grow as more and more companies provide Internet access to their employees as a tool in their work. Many employees abuse that priviledge by surfing, emailing friends, shopping and so forth. ”The average worker admits to frittering away 2.09 hours per day, not counting lunch breaks”, according to the and AOL report. That converts to over $10,000 in lost productivity each year for every employee.Discover your employee productivity and document it with iMonitorPC Pro. Define and implement your own policies for computer use to keep employees’ motivation and morale high!Identity theft often times occurs as an inside job within a company. iMonitorPC is the solution to increased security while keeping costs low. It also helps prevent abuse of company resources and can maintain strict Internet usage policies.iMonitorPC runs invisibly and records users activity, such as:- programs used- websites visited- whole history of chat room activity (with advanced find)- social network usage- screen captures- summary reportsiMonitorPC also includes:- website blocking- program usage limits- chat user blocking- user alerts- advanced filtering

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