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    Dr.Web LiveCD ISO 63.17 MBDr.Web LiveCD is an image of a bootable compact disk which contains all necessary tools to check your computer for viruses without installation of any programs on the hard drive. The check is made by the anti-virus on-demand scanner with the newest anti-virus bases included into the CD. Dr.Web LiveCD allows to scan files in all file systems of Windows (FAT, FAT32 and NTFS).Features:If your computer is connected to the Internet through a local network, you can visit web-sites and check your mail with the help of the web-browser and the mail program included into it, as well as update the anti-virus bases of the scanner via the updating utility.The main purpose of Dr.Web LiveCD is to disinfect computers operated by Microsoft Windows in case of a malware infection. Dr.Web LiveCD incorporates the modified version of Linux, which allows to reliably detect viruses and disinfect the computer invaded by malware.The space-saving size of Dr.Web LiveCD allows to burn it on a Mini-CD and have it always under your hand.How does it work?1. Make sure that a CD/DVD drive or any other device with Dr.Web LiveCD is set as the first boot device.2. As loading starts a dialogue window will prompt you to choose between the standard and the safe mode.3. Use arrow keys to select a desired mode and press [Enter]:In order to use the scanner with the GUI choose DrWeb-LiveCD.If you’d like to start the scanner using the command line (console) select DrWeb-LiveCD (Safe Mode).Select Local HDD to boot from a hard drive instead of starting ?? Dr.Web LiveCD.
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