• Dream Render 2.20

    Program of animation of wallpapers of desktop of Windows, which can replace your static wallpapers the stunning making of animated cartoon and visual effects. you can choose from 1000 different effects in an interval ot slow and peaceful to chaotic and reckless. Some effects can also react on playing presently music.Unlike Windows DreamScene, DreamRender not only uses video as revived backgrounds of tables, but also High End Particle Sequencing uses, three-dimensional Making of animated cartoon of Object, different bubbles, a desktop Represents Making of animated cartoon, Co-operation of Music, Liquid Making of animated cartoon, Tunnels, and other great deal.If you think that some effects are absent, it is possible easily to make new, using your own images, video and icons. For the complete suiting user, DreamRender can apply structures and colors to your windows, to do their transparent and to make surprisings effects each time you move a mouse.On the whole, this surprising program can fully change the visual picture of graphic shell of OS Windows. On the site of producer there is a vast catalogue with thousands created users tem.The program allows to create different 3D/2D effects on Your desktop, namely: to place video on a desktop, web of translation and other effects. On the basis of present it is possible to create it, or to modify present ( thus considerably ).Dop. information: The program allows also1. to apply different effects to the cursor of mouse2. to replace marks on a desktop by locomotive pictures ( .gif ), a pretty generous amount goes in a complete set, but it is possible to use and it3. arbitrarily to change the sizes of marks on a desktop4. setting of the program as skrinseyvera - in this case the program will simply pass to the complete screen5. support of transparency of windows, and their colour modification6. able to unload itself, if found out an appendix, using 3D7. and other great dealIn an archive there is the malyusen'kaya program ( SnowDesktop ), allowing to include falling of snowflakes on a desktop.

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