• Digital Tutors - Render Passes In Maya 2009

    A complete guide to Render Passes in Maya Learn a production workflow to the completely updated Render Pass feature set in Maya 2009. Gain precise control over render outputs and learn time-saving techniques to optimizing the interoperability with Maya and compositing applications such as Toxik. Contains 2 hours of project-based training.Popular highlights include:* Overview of Render Layers* Render Layer Overrides* Material Overrides* Overview of Frame Buffers* Creating Render Passes* Associating Passes with Render Layers* Creating Pass Sets to Organize Render Passes* Building Contribution Maps* Object-centric Contribution Maps* Light-centric Contribution Maps* Rendering Multi-channel EXR Files* Organizing Rendered Passes with Render Tokens* Creating Custom Frame Buffers* Altering Materials' Frame Buffer Contributions* Using SSS Materials with Passes* Utilizing Render Layers and Render Passes Together* Exporting Compositing Data to ToxikLesson Outline:1. Introduction and Project Overview 2. Render Setting changes in Maya 2009 3. Overview of Render Layers 4. Overview of Render Passes 5. Creating and associating render passes 6. Using render tokens to organize rendered passes 7. Creating and using Contribution Maps 8. Building light-centric Contribution Maps 9. Advanced render pass attributes 10. Using render passes with mental ray materials 11. Capturing photon data with render passes 12. Rendering a multi-channel EXR file from Maya 13. Adjusting a material's frame buffer contribution 14. Creating custom frame buffers 15. Using older mental ray materials with render passes 16. Using SSS shaders together with render passes 17. Export Pre-Compositing data from Maya to Toxik


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