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    AusLogics BoostSpeed 5.22 MBAusLogics BoostSpeed - the ideal solution to keep your PC running faster, cleaner and error-free. This powerful optimization suite will boost Internet connections, tweak Windows to its peak performance, clean registry and block annoying ads. It's a great way to keep your computer clean and optimized.• boost speed of your PC in just a few minutes• speed up Internet for faster browsing and downloads• clean the registry to make your computer more stable• clean the disks of your PC for higher system performance• boost programs such as MS Office, Media Player, etc.Speed Up PC With BoostSpeedModify Windows settings, file system and services to greatly increase system performance. Increase startup and shutdown speed, disable annoying CD autorun and error reporting features. BoostSpeed will keep monitoring your system for possible optimizations and let you know if such optimizations are possible. You can also run the System Optimization Wizard to periodically optimize your PC.Speed Up InternetAdjust your PC for faster images, music and software downloads, increased browsing speed and reliable Internet connections. View your download speed and graphs. To gain additional performance boost you can also turn on DNS Optimization.Block Banner AdvertisementsTired of annoying banner advertisements accompanying many web sites? Now you can eliminate advertisements and also speed up your Internet browsing with BoostSpeed Banner Killer! You can add your own web sites to the black list to block them from showing their advertisements.Keep Disk and Registry CleanGet rid of junk on the disks and registry of your PC. Remove hazardous and space-wasting files left by untidy programs and crashes of your system. Dramatically increase the performance of your PC by cleaning, optimizing and defragmenting local disks and registry.Optimize Memory and AppearanceBadly written applications constantly steal memory without giving it back. That's why your PC becomes unstable with time and you have to reboot. BoostSpeed automatically frees up computer memory to gain additional performance boost. You can also manually recover memory and clipboard.Keep your PC fast and safeBoostSpeed will detect most of the popular "PC-slowers" - bundle-software (such as eDonkey or Kazaa) which silently download malware and spyware to your computer, taking up internet traffic and slowing down the system. This will also keep your system safe from prying eyes of spyware programs.Boost Software ProductsBoostSpeed can improve performance of different software products, including Microsoft Office, Internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozzila), E-mail clients (Outlook, The Bat), MSN Messenger, ICQ, Media Player and others.System Optimization ToolsGreatly increase your PC startup speed with Autorun Manager, where you can disable or remove the programs which try to load up when Windows starts up. Force-uninstall unwanted software products which take up space on your computer and slow it down.Networks ToolsKeep your connection alive while you're away, synchronize your computer clock with atomic clock over the Internet, lookup domain names and IP addresses, measure your Internet connection speed. Troubleshoot and improve your Internet connection and local network with an excellent selection of network management tools.Compatible with Windows 98/ME/ 2000/XP/2003/VistaChanges in Version (10/27/2008):* added Service Manager, a new program that lets even novice users manage Windows services* Disk Defrag: added a console utility that lets schedule disk defragmentation* Disk Defrag: added Windows Scheduler support. Now you will be able to schedule hard drive(s) defragmentation* Disk Defrag: added single folder or file defragmentation* Disk Defrag: improved program interface, as well as the chart and disk data display on the first page* Disk Defrag: improved defragmentation algorithm; now the program speed has increased by approximately 5%* Disk Defrag: eliminated program freezes occurring after pausing the program* Disk Defrag: added SafeBoot program support* Disk Defrag: fixed bugs that lead to program freezes* Disk Defrag: fixed BSOD for computers that have Kaspersky Internet Security installed* Disk Defrag: improved report appearance* Disk Cleaner: added Google Chrome cache support* Disk Cleaner: added Safari cache support* Disk Cleaner: added Opera cache support* Disk Cleaner: added full support for FireFox 3* Disk Cleaner: improved Internet Explorer 8 support* Disk Cleaner: removed "Empty folders in user catalogue" and "Empty folders in Program Files" categories* Disk Cleaner: improved operation with Windows restore points* Disk Cleaner: added "Temporary files, created by popular media players"* Disk Cleaner: faster disk checkup* Disk Cleaner: added correct deletion of files blocked by the system* Disk Cleaner: fixed bugs in disk check algorithms* Disk Cleaner: improved processing user exceptions list* Registry Defrag: the Registry files analysis is now five times faster* Registry Defrag: removed keyboard, screen, and mouse locks during the analysis* Registry Defrag: the Registry files replacement has been moved to reboot stage* Registry Defrag: improved general program stability and reliability* Registry Defrag: minor fixes* Registry Cleaner: updated exceptions database* Registry Cleaner: fixed program freezes during cleaning found issues* Registry Cleaner: minor bug fixes* Disk Wiper: added table with file names cleanup, now they will be unrecoverable* Disk Wiper: added support for disk with data caching, now cleaning these disks will be much faster* Disk Wiper: fixed a bug in some cases leading to changing file attributes* Disk Wiper: fixed bugs stopping the program* Disk Wiper: redesigned progress status window now it's more intelligible and informative* File Shredder: bug fixes; improved remaining time detection algorithm* Track Eraser: added full Google Chrome web browser support* Track Eraser: added full Safari web browser support* Track Eraser: added full Opera web browser support* Track Eraser: added full FireFox 3 web browser support* Track Eraser: added full Internet Explorer 8 web browser support* Track Eraser: improved program interaction with all supported web browsers* Track Eraser: improved data cleanup algorithms now the program deletes the data more thoroughly* Track Eraser: improved report appearance* Track Eraser: updated supported programs database* System Information: fixed system information display bugs about installed RAM modules and CPU cache* Service Manager: added a new program that lets managing Windows services* Service Manager: added services recommendations database* Service Manager: added Windows services rating system* Tweak Manager: added new Windows Vista tweaks* Tweak Manager: fixed certain previous tweaks that didn't always work correctly* Startup Manager: updated trusted applications database* Uninstall Manager: updated trusted applications database* OneButton Checkup: added Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, FireFox 3, Internet Explorer 8 Temporary Internet Files support* OneButton Checkup: added the option of looking through the reports on all former operations performed by each element of the program* OneButton Checkup: improved file deletion algorithm* OneButton Checkup: improved interaction with web browsers* OneButton Checkup: improved integration with other package modules* OneButton Checkup: eliminated occasional freezes occurring while cleaning the Registry* Internet Optimizer: fixed a bug leading to incorrect FireFox optimization* Internet Optimizer: optimization profiles have been remade, now they change system parameters more carefully* Internet Optimizer: fixed a bug leading to incorrect MaxMTU identification* Internet Optimizer: various minor bug and freezes fixes* Auslogics Update: fixed bugs appearing during downloading the updates* Auslogics Update: added extended problems description and recommendations on how to solve them* fixed various bugs in report generation module* added tuning mode that lets the developers fix the problems in Auslogics programs promptly* fixed all known program freezes and failures* improved Auslogics Rescue Center* added a tuning mode log sending utility, sendlog.exe* fixed many language files mistakes* removed the splash that offered to buy the program from all utilities* improved package installer, fixed invalid links in the Start menu* improved Integrator appearance* faster Integrator load* improved Windows Vista x64 support in shared program modules* fixed incorrect BoostSpeed.exe (tray icon) application operation* fixed a bug leading to occasional Integrator freezes after launching the program* improved file recovery from Auslogics Rescue Center* many appearance improvements
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